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Genome-based drug discovery was defined in the founding statement of the Genome-based Drug Discovery Forum, which was founded in 1998.
“The process of drug discovery has been driven by setting defined goals and then screening a lot of chemicals and natural products. For instance, when a novel receptor was discovered, drug discovery researchers were competitively targeted. Repetitive application of this approach, which is still effective today, has revealed that careful target selection is a key first step in the process. The target should be novel with unique properties to support discovery of an excellent new drug. Outstanding genome science-based progress has made it possible to discover novel targets and incorporate them into dynamic drug discovery efforts. Let us call this the genome drug discovery process.” We now can see many successful examples of genome drug discovery as defined 20 years ago.

In the global pharmaceutical drug market in 2017, 12 of the top 100 new drugs originated from Japan, which is the 2nd highest contributor among the listed countries. To sustainably increase current success levels in the future, it is important to offer opportunities for researchers in both academia and industry to openly discuss the most up to date hypotheses and research data. In particular, at noncompetitive stages of drug discovery, we want to offer opportunities to induce innovative emergence (So-hatsu) of novel ideas in genome based drug discovery across Japan, whereby fruitful and diverse opinions are evoked from participants’ broad experience and deep knowledge.

The scope of genome based drug discovery includes protection from and prevention of diseases beyond the discovery of conventional therapeutics. Big data and AI are used for diagnosis and forecasting, and technological progress is accelerating more than ever. Under these circumstances, the goal of the genome drug discovery and innovation forum is to contribute to the success and advancement of genome drug discovery in Japan by fostering discussions between academia and industry regarding what novel directions to pursue, how to implement conceptual drug discovery processes, and selection of target molecules and drug modalities. We urge the participation of both academia and industry.

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